A village that you can get lost in, explore, unravel and call home.

Surrounded by parkland, lush green space, a booming avenue lined with every day amenities, and a plethora of schools and churches, Roncesvalles is a neighbourhood of kindred folk who place an emphasis on community and connection. From Farmer’s Markets to Polish Parades, Roncesvalles is a welcoming retreat from the hustle and bustle of the every day.

This is 35 Wabash


  • 1. TD Bank
  • 2. Soctiabank
  • 3. BMO


  • 1. Parkdale Public School
  • 2. Garden Avenue Public School
  • 3. Fern Avenue Public School


  • 1. Barque
  • 2. Chopin
  • 3. Defina Pizzeria
  • 4. Café Polonez


  • 1. High Park
  • 2. Sorauren Park
  • 3. Chales G Willams Park
  • 4. Columbus Parkette


  • 1. St. Joseph’s Health Centre
  • 2. High Park Health Centre

Electric, eclectic and never exclusive.

What was once known as the ‘hidden gem’ of Toronto has now become one of the city's most flourishing and fascinating neighbourhoods. Those who discover the village fall in love with a community full of character and culture and those who already call it home wonder how it took everyone so long.

Roncesvalles is a collective of thinkers, doers, dreamers and originators. A village that weaves together food, culture, design and the super natural into a patchwork of a community that’s as inclusive as it is exceptional.